We offer our customers a variety of options for branding workwear. Each customization method has its advantages as technology and corresponds to a certain price segment.

In order to be of optimal quality, the printing on the textile requires a preliminary consultation with our representative. It is imperative to discuss the opportunities and risks and to assess whether the choice of personalization can cause irreversible damage to the fabric. Possible risks that could be caused by inappropriate branding methods are - damage to the protections and functionality of the product. In order to avoid damage, it is necessary to accordant the printing method and the characteristics of the textile product.


Screen printing technology provides excellent image quality on a variety of fabrics. It is characterized by high coverage, ink resistance and a wide variety of colors. Only in this process is there such a great variety of inks. The price of screen printing is determined by the number of colors used, the size of the logo and the quantity of the product, given that the minimum number of screen printing is 10 pieces per model


Machine embroidery is extremely durable. The technology is performed according to a graphic original set by the client, which is designed in a special embroidery format. The prices for embroidery are calculated depending on the size of the elements, the number of stitches on the embroidery, as well as the characteristics and quantities of the product on which you will embroider. The minimum quantity of items for embroidery is 20 pieces.


Sublimation printing is characterized by photographic quality and exceptional image detail. The palette that can be worked with is extremely rich in shades, the colors are bright and vivid. The process has a specificity that does not allow it to be used on natural fabrics (eg 100% cotton). It is desirable to apply on white polyester, knitwear, chiffon, satin, neoprene, microfiber, gabardine, lining, lycra and other fabrics. Printed textiles are resistant to all types of treatment and processing. The minimum number of items for this type of printing is 20 pieces per model.


We offer three options of transfer printing:

  • Transfer printing with hot peeling
  • Transfer printing with cold peeling
  • Digital printing

Transfer printing is the most preferred method of branding. When using this printing technique, you get extremely effective end products with a unique vision. Printing is characterized by the economy of the process, which makes it more cost-effective.. Its degree of treatment is lower than other customization techniques. Given the technology, the minimum number of items for printing is 10 pieces per model.

It is important to know that regardless of the choice of placing a company logo, in order to achieve the highest quality of the final vision, you need to provide us with image files in vector format.

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